Frequently Asked Questions

making a booking

we’re always happy to see you and are more than happy for you to turn up and see if we have any tables free. if not, we can take your details and add you to our electronic waiting list. this will send you updates on the waiting time by text message and let you know when your table is ready.

you can also book tables in advance on our website using the booking form. this goes straight through to the restaurant and will be confirmed via email as soon as the restaurant has accepted and confirmed the booking. just so you know, your booking is not confirmed until you get a confirmation email back from us!

we’re so sorry, but we don’t take bookings over the phone or in our restaurants.

groups and get togethers

just so you know, if you’re booking for a group of 5 or more, we will need your credit card details to secure the booking. the card will only be charged in the event of a no show or cancellation, in which case £10 per person will be taken from the card.

more of you?

we love a good knees up and being part of your celebrations. but we also want to give you the very best experience possible and for that reason we won’t take too many of you on at once!

our maximum group size is 12 people in nottingham and leicester and the maximum group size in birmingham is 10 people.

there may be times when we are able to accommodate larger groups. please book for the maximum number and let us know how many people are in your party under ‘special requests’. our booking co-ordinator will contact you to let you know if we have space available.

hanging around…

your table will be booked for up to 1.5 hours, or if you’re a group of 8 or more, it’s up to 2 hours. don’t worry – this is plenty of time to sit and enjoy a meal with us; our food is freshly made as soon as your order hits the kitchen and is usually with you pretty quickly. we hate to do it, but will have to ask you to move on from the table when it gets to the end of that time as we have others booked into the slots after you.

running late?

we’ll keep your table for you for up to ten minutes, but after that we really do have to let it go so that we can seat others who may be waiting. if you’re in a larger group, we ask that you all turn up on time and within that ten minutes as we will need your table back after the allocated booking time so aren’t really able to wait if part of the group is running particularly behind.

if you are running late, please call and let us know and we’ll do our best to help out if we can.

Cancelling on us!

please give us at least 48 hours notice via email if you need to cancel your group bookings. if you can’t get online, please call the restaurant and speak to the manager on duty to cancel your booking. if your booking is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice or your group doesn’t show up, we will (feel bad but) go ahead and charge your card for the deposit, as is clear during the booking process.

A numbers game

if your get together is proving popular and your numbers are increasing or you’ve managed to lose a few guests along the way, please give us at least 48 hours notice. we’ll always do our best to fit more of you in if you need us to, but this will be subject to availability depending on other bookings around that time.

Having your cake…

and eating it! we’re more than happy to serve a birthday cake if you’d like to bring one in. candles are also fine, but due to fire risks we cannot allow sparklers in the restaurant. we do charge a nominal cakeage fee of £3 per person.

Balloons and more!

it’s always so wonderful to be part of your celebrations and we’re happy for you to bring along a couple of balloons if you’d like. we’re sorry but we can’t allow helium balloons in the restaurant simply due to the sheer amount of important equipment that is housed within our ceiling and could be affected by lost and floaty balloons.

we do have to be a bit more boring when it comes to anything more than that – including table confetti or banners, which we agree look amazing, but are just not practical for us to allow.

Tots and trouble makers

ah, we do love having little ones come in to eat with us. sadly, though, we don’t feel we can really look after them the way we want to on a busy weekend evening, as we do get pretty loud and busy and it’s a struggle to find the space for pushchairs and highchairs. please do just be aware that if you are coming in at a busy time with little ones, the wait may be longer if we are trying to accommodate space for a push chair or high chair. at some particularly busy times, we really might not be able allocate any space for push chairs at all as the bar and restaurant can get very crowded, and equally may not be able to provide a high chair.

Dietary information

we can cater for guests with most different dietary requirements but please speak to your server for further information and menu options. feel free to contact us in advance and we will do our best to guide you to the best options on our menu for you.


there is an allergen guide in our eateries which you are welcome to ask for if you need any guidance. we must tell you that our food is prepared in a kitchen where allergenic ingredients may be present so we can’t guarantee that anything is 100% free of these things at all times.

Keeping it in the family

we’re sure you can understand that no food or drink except those supplied by tamatanga are permitted to be consumed on the premises.

Eat, drink and be merry

we do ask that any guests sitting in the restaurant order food. unfortunately we do not cater for drinks only. please note that we operate the “challenge 25” policy and the management reserve the right to refuse admission at all times.

Need something extra?

if anyone in your group has any special requirements such as needing space for a wheelchair, or a highchair for kids, please do make sure you let the restaurant know in advance so that we can ensure all of your guests enjoy the tamatanga experience and we put you in the best space for your meal.

It’s cool to be kind!

we do our very best to look after you with kindness and respect, and ask only that you do the same in return. every member of the tama team gives their all to ensure you have the best experience possible, and we will not be tolerant of abuse, violence or aggressive behaviour towards any of them.

Tips away…

just to let you know that any tips you leave behind for the tama team are shared out fairly amongst those working that shift. we pay all of our staff above minimum wage and most certainly do not use tips to top up their wage. for groups of 6 or more, we do add a discretionary service charge of 10% to the bill.

terms & conditions

if you need more information, please visit our terms & conditions page for more detailed information